Why Is My Vape Tank Burning My Coils Out In 2 Days?

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When you want to excel and enjoy your vaping sessions seamlessly, the first tip is to rely on a high-quality device like Crystal Bar.


Almost all vape tanks, whether modular or part of an all-in-one vape device, work in roughly the same way. Coils are responsible for heating vape liquid, so if it performs well, you can get an immaculate feel with your top-quality device like Crystal Bar


The e-liquid in your tank will soak into a wick around which the coil is wrapped, exactly like it would in a regular device. However, sometimes vapers may notice that their coils burn out significantly more frequently than expected. If you are facing the same problem, then here is the good news for you! The most common reasons for a burnt-out coil are discussed in this article. Let’s explore together! 

What Is A Vape Coil?

Coils are the replaceable component of your reusable kit’s vape tank that warms up, utilising the battery’s power to convert the e-liquid into vapours. Each coil is designed to have a specified electrical resistance that is measured in ohms. When you want to reap the best from your Crystal Bar you need to be cautious about your usage and coil use.


The lower a coil’s ohm rating, the more watts it can usually withstand. Coils are made of tightly twisted wire wrapped around a wicking substance, such as cotton. When you add e-liquid to your vape tank, this wicking material absorbs it. When you turn on your vape device, the wire heats up, and the e-liquid evaporates. Crystal Bar Flavours can give a delicious treat to your taste buds as they are made with the finest quality.

How Do You Know If Your Coil Is Burnt?

If your coil is only slightly burned, you may notice a scorched flavour, as if something isn’t quite right. You may occasionally receive a burnt flavour when you replace a burnt-out coil. This will sometimes go away after a few puffs, but other times you will need to change the e-liquid or the coil.

Why My Vape Coils Tastes Burnt?

When you press the fire button, electricity passes through your coil, heating it up. The heat is absorbed by the e-juice, which has been soaked into the wick and the fluid is converted to vapours.  Crystal Bar has the vape coils made of the highest quality that allows you to enjoy on the go.


When there is no juice to absorb the excess heat energy given out by the coil as the juice dries up, the temperature of the coil does not rise too high. However, when there isn’t enough juice in the wicks, or simply not enough, the coils’ temperature rises. This results in two (equally undesirable) outcomes, both of which are negative.

How To Keep Your Vape Tanks From Burning Your Coils?

Make Sure To Use The Right E-liquid:

Many vapers mistakenly combine the wrong e-liquid with the wrong sort of device, resulting in irritation as their coils continue to burn for no apparent reason. Depending on their wattage and temperature, different types of e-liquids work best with different types of coils. 


For instance, if the coil has a resistance of 0.9 ohms or less, it is sub-ohm, and you should use high-VG e-liquid with it. Sub-ohm coils are so named because their resistance is always less than 1.0ohm.

Match Your Power/Wattage To Your Coil:

To avoid burnout, make sure your device’s power output matches the capacity of your coil. Sub-ohm coils have a low ohm rating, which implies they have a much higher electrical resistance. If a coil rated at 1.0ohm or more is exposed to the voltage required to heat one rated at 0.4ohm, its inherently low resistance means it will be overpowered by the power and burn out. 


For simple reference, most coils will have their acceptable wattage range written on them. Surpassing the maximum power may not result in your coil burning out instantly, but it will shorten its lifespan. Set the correct wattage for your selected coil and lock your device if it has one. All the components of Crystal Bar Vape are designed in a pristine way, so you enjoy a bunch of felicitations.

Concluding Remarks:

You can grab your Crystal Bar Vape from any reputable vape shop to enjoy hassle-free vaping sessions. These are the most effective tips that you can use to keep your vape tank from burning your coil, so make sure to keep them in mind while using a vape kit.