How Do You Uncap FPS 2022 on Roblox? A Comprehensive Guide

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Roblox is a popular online game platform with millions of players around the world. One of the key factors that can impact a player’s experience on Roblox is the frame rate or FPS. FPS refers to the number of frames per second that a game renders, and a higher FPS means smoother gameplay. However, some players may experience low FPS, which can lead to lag, stuttering, and other issues that affect gameplay.

 Uncap FPS 2022 on Roblox

Causes of Low FPS on Roblox

Low FPS on Roblox can be frustrating for players, as it can impact their ability to play the game smoothly. The game may appear choppy or stutter, making it difficult to navigate the virtual environment or participate in multiplayer games.


There can be several causes of low FPS on Roblox. Some common causes include:

  • Hardware limitations: If a player’s computer or device doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements for Roblox, it may struggle to run the game at a high FPS.
  • Internet connection: A slow or unstable internet connection can also impact FPS, as the game may struggle to download and render data from the server.
  • Graphics settings: If a player has set the graphics settings too high for their device, it may struggle to render the game at a high FPS.

Solutions To Improve FPS on Roblox

There are several solutions that players can try to improve FPS on Roblox. Here are five possible solutions:

  • Update drivers

 Ensuring that graphics card drivers and other drivers are up to date can help improve FPS.

  • Lower graphics settings

Reducing the graphics settings in the game can help improve FPS on older or less powerful devices.

  • Clear cache and cookies

Clearing cache and cookies can help to remove temporary files that may be slowing down the game.

  • Disable background apps

 Closing any other apps or programs that are running in the background can help to free up resources for the game.

  • Upgrade hardware

If a player’s device is struggling to run the game, upgrading hardware such as the graphics card or RAM may be necessary.

Tools To Improve FPS

In addition to these solutions, there are also several tools like Roblox FPS Unlocker and software that players can use to improve FPS on Roblox. Here is a possible solution with at least seven steps:

  • Download and install CCleaner.
  • Open CCleaner and click on “Custom Clean” on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • In the “Windows” tab, select the following options: “Internet Explorer” and “System” checkboxes.
  • In the “Applications” tab, select the following options: “Roblox” and “Google Chrome” checkboxes.
  • Click on “Analyze” to scan your system for temporary files and other junk data.
  • Once the scan is complete, click on “Run Cleaner” to remove the detected files.
  • Restart your computer and launch Roblox again to see if FPS has improved.


Low FPS on Roblox can be a frustrating issue for players, but there are several solutions that can help improve the gameplay experience. By updating drivers, lowering graphics settings, clearing cache and cookies, disabling background apps, and upgrading hardware, players can improve FPS. Additionally, using tools and software such as CCleaner can help to remove temporary files and other junk data that may be slowing down the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the role of Scripts to Uncap FPS 2022 on Roblox?

A script is a piece of code that can be executed in Roblox to modify the game’s behavior. In the case of uncapping FPS on Roblox, players can use Script Hook V to run custom scripts that modify the game’s behavior and allow it to run at a higher FPS. 

Q2: Why is uncapping FPS important in Roblox?

Uncapping FPS can help to improve the game’s performance and make gameplay smoother. It can also reduce input lag and improve the accuracy of player movements and actions.

Q3: Is uncapping FPS on Roblox allowed?

Roblox has a default FPS cap of 60, and modifying the game’s behavior through scripts or other methods is not officially supported. However, some players use scripts to uncap FPS, and it is not explicitly against the game’s rules.

Q4:How can I uncap FPS on Roblox without using scripts?

There is no official way to uncap FPS on Roblox without using scripts. However, some players have reported that disabling v-sync and using a gaming laptop or desktop with a high refresh rate monitor can improve FPS.