Top 2 Excavators Under Rs. 65 Lakh – Volvo EC210D and Tata Hitachi EX 210LC

Top 2 Excavators Under Rs. 65 Lakh - Volvo EC210D and Tata Hitachi EX 210LC

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The Infra industry in India is punctuated with several technological innovations. Especially for the past few decades, the growth has been massive. More importantly, the heavy-duty equipment industry is accelerating this development.

Amid this favorable market scenario, brands like Volvo & Tata Hitachi are leading the growth curve. Rightly so, these companies manufacture a wide range of heavy-duty machines to choose from.

Contractors choose the equipment as per their project’s requirements & budget. Speaking of which, the price range of the equipment from Volvo & Tata Hitachi is quite competitive. Above all, they are quite famous among infra professionals due to their advanced features.

Featuring 2 Best Excavators Under Rs. 65 Lakh in India

Volvo EC210D Excavator


This is one of the best-performing models from Volvo India. Rightly so, the excavator comes with an operating weight of 20000 kg. Such a massive weighing capacity increases work output at construction & mining sites.

Additionally, with a dig depth capacity of 6730 mm, the machine facilitates quarrying, excavation, landscaping, etc. Moreover, its powerful engine can generate up to 156 HP. This particular feature delivers quality performance.

Besides, with 1 cum bucket capacity, the equipment can carry heavy loads at once with ease. Furthermore, the excavator can lift up heavy materials weighing up to 7240 kg. Above all, the Volvo 210 excavator price in India ranges between Rs. 62 – 64 Lakh.

Tata Hitachi EX 210LC Excavator

This model features a powerful engine, henceforth generating up to 131 HP. Additionally, the excavator comes equipped with an operating weight of 20600 Kg. Both these functionalities coalesce to deliver maximum work output. Moreover, thanks to its massive dig depth capacity, the machine can dig as deep as 6600 mm.

Furthermore, with a 1.5 cum bucket capacity, the equipment can store heavy loads without hassle, thereby upscaling productivity. More importantly, the Tata Hitachi 210 price range in India starts from Rs. 34 Lakh & goes up to 36 Lakh.

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