The Best Kitchen Design Trends for Dubai Homes in 2023

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When you think of kitchen interior design, some things immediately come to mind. The design of the kitchen, specifically whether it should be open or closed. You would also consider the kitchen’s shape, whether an L-shaped, U-shaped, or parallel kitchen. You might also decide between semi-modular cabinets and modular kitchen ideas in Dubai. But have you ever thought about choosing a design for your kitchen? Various kitchen design styles exist, just like those for the rest of your house. And without even realizing it, you are always employing one of the styles. Decide on the interior design of your kitchen after doing your research.

Modern Kitchen Interior Design

Dubai’s contemporary kitchen design is more seamless and streamlined. You notice more built-in appliances, and the cabinets feature push-to-touch or profile knobs. Under cabinet lighting is commonly utilized to provide ambient and task lighting, and cabinet finishes made of acrylic, high-gloss laminate, or back-painted glass emphasize the seamless appearance. In a contemporary kitchen interior design, the backsplash can also be made of stone or glass with a lacquer coating to create a unified aesthetic.

Traditional Kitchen Interior Design

First, let’s acknowledge that modular kitchens are around 20 years old in Dubai. As a result, Dubai’s definition of “traditional” will differ from the Western definition. In our environment, a traditional kitchen interior would resemble this; in reality, it is a model left over from the earliest modular kitchens and may have served as the foundation for modular kitchen ideas in UAE. Lofts, walls, and base cabinets will all have grooves and handles. The cupboards don’t have any appliances, and only one light source exists. You will see traditional Emiratimotifs in the tiling and a neutral backsplash.

Kitchen interior design in a country style

A country-style kitchen is ideal for you if you’re seeking open kitchen ideas in Emirati fashion. The cook is supposed to have a full view of the whole house. Add rustic components like stone or brick walls and wooden beams for the ceiling. The ideal color schemes are wooden tones or warm hues.

Industrial Kitchen Interior Design

The most recent and popular kitchen interior design is here to stay! Emirati homes incorporate elements from loft-style industrial kitchens, such as black metal lighting and fittings, damaged or membrane coatings, cement screed walls and floors, and an unfinished appearance. This is one of the more popular kitchen design styles, inexpensive and simple to maintain.

Kitchen Interior Design in the Transitional Style

The transitional style is a terrific choice for anyone, whether you’re seeking closed or open UAE kitchen ideas. This is a style that merges two different eras, as the word “transition” denotes. Looking deeply, you can see that this kitchen combines traditional and modern design elements. Although the cabinets have handles and grooves, the appliances are built-in. There is no task lighting. However, the backsplash is made of stone for seamlessness. The components from two eras meld together naturally in a transitional kitchen. If you appreciate the old-world or vintage aesthetic but want a functional home kitchen design, you can choose this style.

Bohemian Kitchen Interior Design

The boho appearance is the most lively and colorful of the various kitchen design ideas. Yes, it has plants, a lot of colors, and a layered appearance—all essential elements of a bohemian room. These aesthetics are present in bohemian kitchens as well. Both the floor tiles and the backsplash will include patterns in their design. Arab-style open kitchen concepts can benefit from these components. Expect to see a lot of vibrant colours. You can enhance this striking appearance by using colorful jars and dinnerware. You also need to include plants in the form of a kitchen garden.

Kitchen Shabby Chic Interior Design

Shabby chic is a look you can find at a garage sale if we had to sum it up in a sentence. It embraces little flaws, giving any room a distinctive look. This is a fantastic choice for a kitchen interior design.

Pro Tip

A shabby chic aesthetic can give your outdated kitchen a facelift without requiring structural renovations and transform the mess into a fashion statement.

How do you go about doing that?

Install cute/quaint handles on the old cabinets and cover your open cabinets with bunched curtains. Add charming mason jars to the open shelves and vintage lighting to the kitchen’s interior design.

Contemporary Kitchen Interior Design

First, contemporary combines currently popular styles rather than a single style. A modern kitchen interior design in ten years may seem significantly different from what we portray today. For example, a modern kitchen will have modular cabinets with thin profile handles or no handles by 2023. It boasts built-in appliances, an open design, and a breakfast bar. These are excellent concepts for designs of Arabic open kitchens. In contrast, two-toned rooms or kitchens in two colours are considered contemporary. This is especially pertinent if you’re seeking modular kitchen ideas for small kitchens.

Scandinavian Kitchen Interior Design

When discussing modular kitchen concepts in Dubai, you will only think of the Scandinavian design. However, UAE designers have begun to take notice of Scandinavian design, which may surprise you. We comprehend the Scandinavian design and frequently choose its numerous components.

Kitchens might be close behind when this broad worldwide tendency has affected our living rooms and bedrooms. For example, a large window or a window opening should remain in the kitchen because natural light is essential to a Scandi home. Scandinavian interior design for kitchens favors whites or neutrals with seamless finishes (no visible knobs and smooth surfaces like acrylic). However, in the context of this style, some warm components—like, perhaps, laminate wood flooring—are crucial. Additionally, if you’re looking for open kitchen ideas in UAE, you might think about putting easy-to-care-for houseplants in these kitchens with open layouts.

Kitchen Interior Design in the Mid-Century Style

To suggest that mid-century modern kitchens are open would need to be more accurate. For example, “eating area merges with the kitchen” would be much more accurate. Nevertheless, the mid-century modern style is ideal when seeking modular kitchen ideas for small kitchens. One distinctive feature of this design, ideal for small uptown flats, is hanging pots and pans.

Because historically, this was meant to be the kitchen for the working lady or the solitary man, appliances take on a special significance. New colour schemes like mauve or teal, as well as wooden and metallic tones, are preferred. Bring some tiles with a chevron or herringbone pattern because the texture is crucial in this design! This can be used, especially in small spaces, for open kitchen ideas in Arabic style.

Colonial Kitchen Interior Design

Colonial is a kitchen interior design style that brings to mind colonial rule in our history. This design combines antique components, such as the chandelier you can see, with local Emirate elements, like the curved wooden chairs. The handles on the cabinets are stylish and feature delicate glass embellishments. The backsplash’s chessboard design is another recognizable colonial feature. Since dark-colored wood is used in this design, the rubber wood flooring is a rich tint. Consider thinking about open kitchen design ideas in the colonial style.

Eclectic Kitchen Interior Design

Last but certainly not least, style is eclectic, incorporating components from all other styles. It’s a custom combination of disparate style components that work well together. Since this look is fundamentally individualized, each eclectic kitchen is unique. Consider this as an illustration. Modern lacquered glass is used for the backsplash, and although the cabinets have the grooved appearance of country kitchens, their distressed surface is representative of the industrial aesthetic.

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