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Drawing Landscapes For Beginners There are many breathtaking views of nature to observe. Occasionally, a view may alter noticeably depending on the time of day.

The most attractive times of the day during this transformation would be the sunset and dawn; according to Drawing Landscapes For Beginners we’ll focus on the second of these in this guide on drawing a sunrise.

Keep reading if you want to learn how to capture this scene in artwork and photographs!

As you follow along with our directions in this 6-step tutorial on how to sketch a sunrise, we wish you a good time.

Start learning how to draw a sunrise now!


  • In this lesson on sketching a sunrise, we’ll make a picture of a calm and beautiful water scene.
  • Although we will be illustrating some details and other elements throughout the book, we’ll focus on the water itself for the time being.
  • This will be a simple feature to draw since we will add some wavy, curved lines to the page.
  • Once these have been drawn, you will be ready to add more details in the subsequent phases.


  • Draw a tiny boat on the sea after that.
  • As we sketch the sunrise, we’ll include a tiny sailboat in the composition.
  • Let’s focus on the boat’s underside for now, which can be illustrated with a series of linked curved lines.
  • These lines will form three thin shapes to give the appearance that this portion of the boat is made of wood.
  • That will take care of the boat’s frame, and we’ll add sail to finish it in the instructions’ next chapter.


  • Drawing a sail for the watercraft is the third step.
  • As mentioned in the previous stage of this drawing tutorial on a sunrise, we will finish the sail for the boat you began in the previous section.
  • Start by drawing a straight line at a slight inclination from the middle of the canoe.
  • On top of it, you could place a little pennant. The primary mast of the boat will be this.
  • Once this mast is sketched, you can sketch the sail’s sheets. For the front of the craft, create two approximately triangular sails using curved lines.
  • Another straight connection can be made between the top of one of these sheets and the tip of the centre mast.
  • Lastly, adding more curved lines to the boat can add two more sails to the back. The lower one will be bigger and more square-shaped, while the top one will be smaller.


  • Keep outlining the situation.
  • Your sunrise painting will need to be significantly improved for the following phase. Let’s start by drawing a small island in the ocean using more curved lines.
  • Then we’ll draw some palm trees that stick out from the island. We will also add some plant details along with some wavy lines to represent some sand details.
  • At the conclusion, the sky will be illustrated. To do this, draw a straight line across the entire width of the image.
  • This line will trace the back of the ship and the stems of the palm palms.
  • The trees on this horizon are then partially blocking out the sun, and you can sketch a circle there. Add some line details to the ocean beneath the sun to finish the picture.


  • Add a few more components to finish off your sketch of the sunrise.
  • We’ll add a few more details to this drawing in this section of our lesson on drawing a sunrise because pictures like this are made up of details.
  • Draw some straight lines to represent the brilliant solar rays that will be added, which will come from the round sun.
  • You can complete this idyllic picture by adding two puffy clouds to the sky. That will be the end of our information, but you are free to add anything else you think is necessary.
  • What else could you possibly add to this beautiful image to make it look like a sunrise in a tropical paradise?