Manchester Jadon Hits Back After Erik Ten

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Manchester United winger Jadon Sancho has responded after manager Erik ten Hag suggested he was left out of their 3-1 loss against Arsenal due to poor training performances. Sancho, 23, made three substitute appearances since joining Manchester United this season and yet wasn’t selected in their travelling squad that went north London for this weekend’s Premier League encounter.

The 23-year-old winger has hit back at Ten Hag’s claims

Jadon Sancho has responded after Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag suggested the 23-year-old forward was dropped for Sunday’s Premier League defeat at Arsenal due to poor training performances. Sancho was left out of their starting eleven at Emirates Stadium for Sunday’s north London derby where two stoppage-time goals condemned them to a 3-1 loss – with ten Hag later explaining Sancho was left out as he hadn’t reached levels expected during training sessions.

Ten Hag’s comments caused visible disquiet among his teammates, prompting the winger to tweet that his manager is making him out to be an easy target for their current troubles. He later tweeted his discontentment with Ten Hag’s statements by reposting numerous tweets claiming he is being used as a scapegoat for them.

Ten Hag has indicated his unwillingness to incorporate Sancho quickly back into United’s team until he is convinced he is fully fit and mentally prepared to compete at the highest level with them. Sancho joined United for PS73 million last season from England’s U21 national side.

He claims he’s been a scapegoat for a long time

Since joining Manchester United for PS73m from Borussia Dortmund in 2021, Jadon Sancho has had difficulty maintaining consistent form.

Sancho was dropped from Ten Hag’s squad for Sunday’s Premier League game against Arsenal due to his subpar training performances; Sancho claimed he had long been made an easy target.

People who engage in scapegoating often struggle to define themselves and take ownership for their actions, preferring instead to please other people at the expense of their mental wellbeing. To truly heal from scapegoating behavior, one needs to establish more healthy and constructive family dynamics than they did previously.

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He claims he’s not fit enough

Sancho did not travel to north London for Sunday’s Premier League defeat against Arsenal, with manager ten Hag citing subpar training performances this week as being responsible for his absence. Following these comments from ten Hag, however, Sancho took to social media and took aim at him, alleging his comments as personal attacks towards him.

Ten Hag has decided not to rush Sancho back into action following his struggles this season and believes a total reset away from the daily training environment would be best for his long-term success at Old Trafford. Therefore, this month England international will stay at Carrington rather than joining their winter training camp in Spain where they conduct group sessions; instead he will conduct his individual fitness program along with small group workouts.

He claims this experience will help him reawaken the love for football that propelled him into being one of the game’s most promising youngster.

He claims he’s not getting enough game time


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