How to Draw The Day of The Dead Easily

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How to Draw The Day of The Dead. Day of the Dead is one of the unique cultural celebrations in the world.

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This fascinating celebration originated in Mexico and brought a sense of celebration and vitality to the usually rather dark subject of death.

When it’s celebrated, there are colorful parties, parades, and other celebrations, and generally, brightly decorated sugar skulls take center stage.

Learning how to draw the Day of the Dead is a great way to create some beautiful pieces of art that represent this unique celebration.

This is the perfect tutorial for anyone celebrating the occasion!

We hope you enjoy working on this step-by-step guide on how to draw Day of the Dead in just 6 easy steps.

How to Draw The Day of The Dead

Step 1

In this Day of the Dead drawing guide, we feature a colorful sugar skull wearing a sombrero hat.

With this hat, we start with this first step. First, draw a long, slightly curved line for the top of the circle. These curve sharply inward with some shorter curved lines.

Next, we will add the top of the hat. We will draw this with a rounded line over the border you just drew.

The center bottom is blank for now, but we’ll fill that section shortly.

Step 2

After the outline of the sombrero hat is drawn, in this second step, we outline the skull. For the top half of the skull, we’ll draw a rounded line that looks pretty circular.

So, we’re going to draw a different type of shape for the bottom half of the skull. This is also drawn with a rounded line but is slightly squarer than the top half of the skull.

We can have fun decorating the picture in the next few steps when all the outlines are done!

Step 3

Regarding the Day of the Dead celebrations, you will surely see many bright colors and fantastic decorative elements.

Sugar skulls usually have some intricate details that often have a floral element. That’s what we will add in this third step of our guide on how to draw Day of the Dead!

Once you’ve mastered this design, you can also use what you’ve learned to create your designs. We added some sharp, pointed lines for the hat’s top half.

Then we added a floral design near the top of the skull. The eyes are drawn as round shapes with more petals around them.

Finally, we used an upside-down heart for the nose and a lattice pattern for the smiling mouth. With these elements drawn, we can add more details in the next few steps.

Step 4

With these sugar skulls, the more detail we can add, the better. Because of this, we will add much more detail to your Day of the Dead drawing in the next few steps.

First, we’ll draw sharper, more pointed shapes on the hat’s brim.

Then we drew more heart shapes and small, rounded shapes on the skull.

We added smaller curved shapes and lines under the nose to form a mustache shape.

Then you’re ready to move on to some final details in the next step of the guide!

Step 5

This fifth step of our guide on drawing Day of the Dead is about doing some final details and tweaking.

You can start by drawing a small flower shape near the chin of the skull and then surround it with smaller shapes. Next, we added lines around the teeth and the hat’s brim to complete it.

We chose these details, but feel free to add any other details you might like!

Will you add some personal touches? You could even draw a background to complete this picture!

Step 6

Are you ready to finish this Day of the dead drawing and add some colors to your creation?

Color plays a big part in celebrating the Day of the Dead, so have fun choosing the colors that best suit this image.

In our reference image, we only showed you one way to colorize this image, but that’s by no means the only way to colorize it!

When coloring, artistic tools that allow for precision, such as colored markers, pencils, pens, and fine brushes, are ideal for the smallest of details.

Your Day Of The Dead Drawing is Finished!