Hisense’s UEFA EURO 2024? Sponsorship Shows the Power of Sports Marketing

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Hisense has integrated sports sponsorship into their marketing strategy, and as a result has seen their international recognition more than double within five years. They even formed a partnership with European Football Association UEFA!

Technology corporation Lenovo with its UK headquarters in Leeds will become a global sponsor of UEFA EURO 2024 and all related events such as qualifying competitions (2023-24 and 2025-26), Nations League finals 2025, Under-21 Championship 2025 and Futsal 2024.


Hisense, as a global consumer electronics and appliances manufacturer, has long been recognized as an official sponsor of major international football tournaments such as UEFA EURO 2024. Their sponsorship reflects Hisense’s strong emphasis on sports marketing; over five years this association has greatly enhanced global recognition for the brand.

Hisense’s partnership with UEFA will see its branding appear on giant screens at stadiums and feature in branded content featuring top players and matches, plus pitch-side exposure at some tournament games. Furthermore, Hisense will launch an in-house Way to Glory campaign that showcases their ULED TV, Laser TV and refrigerator ranges.

Hisense’s commitment to innovation and greener products for healthy lifestyle scenarios aligns closely with UEFA’s values: both aim to connect with consumers globally to build a brighter future for all. This investment speaks directly to their commitment towards energy-saving Laser TV and global environmental protection initiatives.

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Hisense, the global technology corporation, has agreed to partner with the apex European football tournament for multiple years. Their sponsorship deal will see their brand appear on perimeter boards and giant screens in stadiums during every game during next year’s 2024 competition in Germany, Euro qualifiers 2023-2025 as well as finals of UEFA Nations League, U21 EURO 2025 tournament as well as Futsal European Championship tournament.

Fisher Yu, president of Hisense, noted in his keynote speech at IFA 2023 that sports sponsorship has allowed Hisense to reach consumers worldwide through trust building activities such as tournament partnerships. Over five years alone, overseas brand recognition increased almost twofold due to sports sponsorship, according to Yu.

Guy-Laurent Epstein of UEFA Marketing Director was delighted by Hisense’s announcement of their renewed commitment to European football, and looks forward to an effective collaboration in 2024. With their emphasis on eco-friendly products such as those used at UEFA EURO 2024, Hisense’s emphasis on sustainable power consumption makes them the ideal partner.


Hisense, a global consumer electronics and appliances manufacturer, has signed on as a global sponsor of the 2024 edition of UEFA Men’s European Championship in Germany, taking place next year. Hisense’s sponsorship package will include branding on perimeter boards and giant screens during all matches; digital rights on UEFA platforms; on-site rights at fan zones and stadiums; collaboration to provide state-of-the-art display technology as well as appliances that meet operational needs; plus much more!

Sports marketing has been an integral component of Hisense’s international brand recognition, particularly within football where they boast partnerships with European clubs Paris Saint-Germain and Inter Milan FC as well as with NBA teams and Australia’s National Rugby League. This has allowed Hisense to consolidate their market position within both global medium and high-end markets.

Hisense’s focus has also included building strong connections with consumers across the world regardless of country or language to better understand their needs and improve users’ living scenarios. This approach has resulted in energy-saving Laser TV models as well as global environmental protection initiatives.

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UEFA Futsal 2026

Hisense, the global consumer electronics and appliances corporation, has signed on as the official sponsor of the 2024 men’s UEFA Euro competition. Their global sponsorship will cover events such as European qualifiers for 2023-24 and 2025-26 competitions; as well as finals of UEFA Nations League 2025; U21 Euro 2025; and Futsal EURO 2026 tournaments.

Hisense has long relied on sports marketing as part of its global growth strategy and brand recognition initiatives. Over the last five years, Hisense’s overseas brand awareness nearly doubled, with sponsorships and tournament association driving an incredible 25 percentage point jump alone.

Fisher Yu, Hisense’s President, noted at Berlin’s IFA technology fair that sponsorship is an effective means of connecting with consumers and building trust in a brand. He pledged that Hisense would offer fans an exceptional UEFA EURO 2024 viewing experience by providing cutting-edge image quality technology. From energy-saving laser TVs to global environmental protection initiatives, Hisense remains committed to innovation that brings consumers eco-friendly products for more sustainable lives.